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Pacific Rim (2013)

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Dir: Guillermo Del Toro

Duration: 131 minutes

(2013) (US)

A screaming cacophony of mayhem and destruction. Ear plugs may be needed for this confrontation, as monsters and robots collide. Loudly.

If you think compensation culture is bad now, then you might be left mulling over the sorry state of affairs that could be to come if the future as depicted by Del Toro passes. Encased within gigantic robots, the human ‘drivers’ are thrown around like candy in a tin. If there isn’t a whiplash claim there, then there never will be. These robots are built to fight and destroy the alien life forms that are breaching the surface of the planet along the fault lines of the tectonic plates.

Guillermo Del Toro has taken his fertile imagination and patented skill for fantastical beings and sculpted a cyclopean battlefield that stretches across our fair planet. This is an exhausting and noisy few hours of entertainment but not one that is without its charms. It’s cartoon in its extravagances, but it’s part of its success. This is a dizzying concoction of escapist fare, and there’s is not a lot wrong with that. Just don’t go in expecting anything else. Seems like a fair mid-table film to me.

You can find the trailer for Pacific Rim here:


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