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Short Review. The Digest: Argo (2012)


Ben Affleck’s thriller sourced from a recently declassified US story. Creating tension and vibrancy, he has managed to produce the most satisfying adrenaline rush of the year. Bound to reap Oscar glory, it may not be ‘worthy’ fare, but it is an undeniable crowd pleaser. Expect to see him sans 70s beard and barnet come red carpet season, basking in awards glory. A killer cast and a gloriously surreal script, he expertly concocts a pulping thriller that shows that fact is indeed often stranger than fiction. It is a step up from the Town (2010) and a step up from Gone Baby Gone (2007). Welcome, Mr Affleck to the directorial big leagues.


Dir: Ben Affleck

Duration: 120 mins

(US) (2012)

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