Film Reviews and Discussion.

Film Reviews and Discussion. Our Objective….

About me:

I am a London based freelance journalist who has been a Huffington Post blogger, but now writes regularly and consistently as the Film Editor for SupaJam and on film for Front Row Reviews. Also a theatre critic for Islington Gazette, Hackney Gazette and Bargain Theatreland. I also write on music from time to time too (also for SupaJam). However, this space is my space alone and my blog aim is written below…

About the blog:

In (cyber)space, no one can hear you type…

There is a realisation and a knowing irony to the title of this film blog. Believe me. After all, I must concede that this is yet another journal exulting opinion after opinion on the world of film, joining the vast ranks of others dotting throughout the intangible computer universe.

So, the question is, why should you listen to this particular voice?

There is a reason. If, like me, you share a disappointment and disdain for the film press at their willingness to assess a film on the anticipation the public’s view rather than provide a clear and balanced opinion, then note that I am your companion and comrade. If you don’t like being talked down to, and you don’t like being dumb-downed either, then I assure you that will not happen here.

The aim for this blog is simple:

Films to be reviewed, old and new, across a broad spectrum of styles, genres, English speaking and non-English speaking. There might even be the odd discussion.

Cineastes will have you believe that you are a knuckle dragging primitive if you don’t appreciate world cinema, whereas some members of the public will brand you a snob if you delve away from the Mother tongue, and treat you as a social outcast who is outrageously pretentious. If you love film, you know it is not as simple as that. Then again, as in life, nothing is.

Thanks for your time and happy reading.

Greg Wetherall


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